dented decade

of devices, emergent

anxiety or temporal

timidness, an

anagram of praxis

is believe in

veils sluice class

as last cast, whose

vocabulary did this

to an us, synthesizer

compromise, toward a

sleepy speech act, who

was here first

if we define

first as we, each

purchase grips

my home

mom ordeal or

don't dad

a theory of, the real

lamb level strives

to pension person

cultural neutralism, sweet

sweet sweet machinations

stampede, party

lower-cased card

carrying amorist, so

many books away

from the spine's

nail pace, books

field of first

world fist

portfolio, an

analog of anxiety

pleasures adrenal

cortex of my

bovine problem, place

is flat to the left, rocky

to the right, don't

nod doctor, my

concerns content

to reach

an age, breach

form with from

abbreviated expectations, school

papers fundamental hostility

to how I might

be marbled giant, young

and free and natural

resources found

fund in econoline

culture, my relation

to the classics condensed

through a coil, twitchy


of sex pay

day, why sweat

for someone

else, a response

to quelch, dear reader

control the courage

of conviction bucket

boy, mine disaster

mutual fund

in this our rrsp

season, I'm

round that is

often, nobody

no brackets

matrilineal or

potato, family

plot blight, at the

constituent level of

feels good, so

benign its butter

churned in paradigm

of central committees, heritage

of the phonebook, real

or merely visiting, fast

when pastoral

is parliamentary and pastel

is suburban, the budgie

and the cockatoo, an allegory

of ouch, nervous from

the waist up, the horror

of calendars, permissible

and ignored solidarity

lapel pins

with maple leafs, swingline

cub, mountie

in a bottle, panoptic

options of I

miss the greenhouse

effect, riot grrrts

red minister

of fisheries, I have tried

to define delimit, its

a look

a look of

leverage, vinegar

of falsity sprinkled on

your abdomen, his head

is you on the

latest census, take

a dip with our

swimsuit regicides, nodes

of fluctuation, a touch

their flukes interactive

display, a dinosaur

economy, they had a

strike and it

worked, job for life

china beside

amtrak rammings, taken

out of the anthology

in subsequent reprintings

as if history has

no royalties, when

text stands in

for history, the new

rome, I've had

to shorten my swing

attention span and

lower expectations, the buttons

bite, it's bad

it's barely, epic

and widely, the birth

of the person

collective haunt branch

of arms up, so slow

sludge luge

leather fetish, more moods

for mod people, the economy

of alert real term

time, at this I'd

side with the logic

of the vapour lock, wake

up and restore

the store to

story, such centuries dusted

with stubs pamphlets

parliaments and the attempt

of a flip, clueless guesses

soft subs for community

out of industry, way

that you feel why, settler

literature for

the overall picture, tincture

both of love

and lip, portraiture maps

of the as yet to realize

wealthy, help

it, collected memos

of management

dad, of you-ology

but a belated eulogy

for others, over

draft protection

would be safe money

like pulling pupils

from a barrel, can't

help it, is management

a race, I don't

so much want to have

an effect but to have

my effect measured, when

was the last pamphlet

war for a national

citizen before

sloppy stupid

exhumations, sandino

stadium, this was

your historical failure

written from the inside

tossed aside from

the outside, just

trying to make sense

of the rich folk's

ways daughter, bee

hive in a wedding

dress, more brylcreem

now, brinkmanship with

brogues, taking dancing

and sexual requests, cuba

as the outside

definition, retrograde

thoughts, and if

the patterns are

me please purge, taiwan

as the analog, one continent

one trade pact

blisters repeating

pleasure, murky

it moves to

a them, america's problem

with islands, suddenly

secular, so doctor

good dad bad dad

diplomacy, ownership

responsibilities of the

it's yours but you

don't deserve it, was

there supposed to be

the corresponding

physical effect, hard really

to believe in yourself

a self like silt

or salmon on

a ladder, or new

laddishness, welcome

rotarians, there goes my

vocabulary playing tricks

with my liver again, forced

air, hello walls

hello polyurethane

coated floors, is it

vintage silver lining

lead casing within

industrial standards, adrenal

dump, target

small as an arm

or a leg like a light

swinging from a willow

branch, super store

ethnic aisle, the farmer

farmed, a latin

howdy, are my pants

ready, spoon thing

I think, "trade irritant"

of nonplaces, run

at the cougar which

was a nice car, orange

hunting and fishing

etiquette optional

binoculars, I could be where

anywhere, north america

hence starbucks, sue me

yes "lofts," making a generational

career expectation, slumpy

like a stump, sports

deaths, coffee

is right worth what

takeover, grapes

are unionized why

not you, it's this

cabbage that is

my baggage, visible

from the sky, CK

the scent, tommy

the t-shirt, fidel

the aficionado, clothes

and then the look

of clothes, heritage farm, noodle

in a bottle, plank

for the future, you're so

UNICEF, I'm sorry

I like suede, when

one's life is neutral

like costa rica in

a consulate, haunted but

just for men, I'm helping

small business meet

their goals I'm

the Business Development Bank

of Canada, disagree on

the numbers but it

was a crowd, down

now businesses "panic"

like encyclopedias, answer the ad

for an MP, historical necessity

of sadness, in a show

of support for

the employees the board

quits, absolved, the shoe

gazer ruled, if eating

a banana is imperialism

then is a kiwi

neocolonialism, alienated

from even your

toast or socks, colder

than recycling, free

pharmaceutical samples

just for being

you, bit bad

bite back, architects

of the ironic, seducers

of the sub

sandwich, inauguration


like a commemorative

so-call doughnut

hole critique of supply

side syrup, the logic

of late, latte plateau to

go, uneven

redevelopment, I bought

the self-help legal

handbook and won, teeth

just proved impractical

and expensive, exposed skin

just a romantic idea, no more

yalta daddy, rehab

the decaf, parallel

blondies, we named it

after you and we're going to

come calling, the cars

produced themselves, lament

for a saskatchewan, just

watch me war measures, neither

country nor city

but low cinderblock

buildings, stickers

of my youth

restore to me

the powers of the basement

bedroom, tighten the pants

of tenure, brighten

budget ponies, toll tax

to the gap or lack, varietal

hams, final version

just a nodule

to say dickbrain

better outta town, where

I am a cold-pressed

ham, could there be

more dad in it, my

vocabulary is unemotional

therefore I am an inferior

model, cloned

gloves, the guide

to pleasures under

ten dollars, potentials

that I can borrow, like

a leaf on the tree

of tomorrow, the only

bland that matters,  interview

with the candidate, remixes

from earlier discs, I only

hoped for a film fest

in your honour

never anything less, that

petrol emotion, more

male models

or moulds, getting

ready to

have been detoxified, today's

danger, smear me

in vaseline, no unjust

desires just

mainly marketed hailings

of some simperings

I never had the chance

to "voice" that verb, gruelling

cloud cover, photocopy with a photo

of a kitten affixed to

a pole, smouldering

so that my repression

can be documented

career moves, car

pools, so much

stucco, hate me less

loan me more, extreme

cold weather alert

for the economic underclass, toronto

the former, at these

prices no wonder, extremely

oral sexual

poetry, may contain

peanuts, a hostile call

from the census people, ruse

to recall, it's down the

computer is down, thus they

were bad and deserved

financial ruin, would you

recognize the public

sphere, dukes of, hired

to chop the carrots

of social occasions, if you didn't

already notice

we are a collective, trunked

and truncated, where is Mao

now, Mrs. played bass, gang

of legions, the density

of hate reserved

for families, family

found house sold

signs, nervous

automobiles populate

my city like inhabitants

before profit

was history, self-imposed

exile from working

class, the Sean Connery

of critical theory, the Homi

Bhabha of action films, your

keychain is happy

to see you, umlaut

of iron man, I am

telfon boy, technology

and grieving, when I was beautiful, the

resurgence of

orange and lime

green, it's my

head, is to tinker

to dick with, hear me come

softly like slippers

through willows, are you hurting

are you hurting bad, downcast

customers stomach mach

one, the length of the look, the

stretch and fudge

oh my hipsters, surplus

workers of the beer

industry we

salute you for our lives

have been enriched

by your former labour, work

at home in your pajamas

because that's agency

and solid single

sucking, can we

cuba, my head that's what's

killing me, indignant for

decades, but can I

give it if so, design ideas for

the modular creamy

beige outlook with books

for ballast, so scary so

family orientated rubbing

rocks rage, the logic of

just one touch just

one touch, at the cellular level

vibrant licking technique

of glow, a word you

would use, could I then

just look, sexual appetite

is apt, long clean lines, a late

sixties early seventies

euro speed slip, thirsty

four throater, Che Guevarra corpse

beside Michael

Caine, anniversary tents and a history

of dad's dancing, I phoned

for an appointment

against alienation, it's

a big project