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100 Years of Greenhouse Effect
Oliver Ressler, Salzburger Kunstverein/Circular Gallery, 1996

In 1896 the Swede Svante Arrhenius published the first scientific text about the anthropogenic greenhouse effect. Arrhenius' text formed the starting point of the exhibition "100 Years of Greenhouse Effect" (100 Jahre Treibhauseffekt), which accompanied contemporary suggestions for "solutions" to the global warming with critical commentaries. On the basis of the Wuppertal study "Zukunftsf”higes Deutschland" (A Germany capable of a future; 1996), which was described in the German news magazine Der Spiegel as the "Green Bible of the Millennium Transition", proposals for "sustainable development" were commented critically in the exhibition. Most of these proposals consequently ignore existing social power relations, which seems to be symptomatic for many scientists and workers in environmental protection associations, as shown by a written survey carried out for the project.
Publication: Ring-binder-reader, 1996, 45 p., german (order)

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