Clocktower gallery, New York City 6/95 Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber. An Active installation investigating the conditions and qualities of interrelation and overlapping between urban reality and virtual urbanism.
For one hour, the physical presence of the human being is put in a concrete relationship to the position in space, to materials and to potential movement. Above the floor, a person is sticking to a wall covered in deep black Velcro. From time to time, she changes his precarious positional most imperceptibly, and the sound of Velcro is heard.
About three meters above the floor, suspended in a plastic back, a person lying or sitting in a seemingly comfortable position is looking out over Lower Manhattan. Red foam mattresses on the floor protect the gymnasts and mark their position.
Transparent black and white photographs in the clocktower openings form a virtual movement axis with visual overlaps.
Velcro wall, 9'1" x 17'6" Vinylbag, 11' x 4'5" x 20" 2 photographic images on vinyl in the windows, each 28" x 40" Credits: Act in the image: Beth Simons (Velcro), Karen Silvano (Vinyl) Thanks to Bernhard Cella and Ali Bitter for supporting the realization. Thanks for financial support to the BMWFK, Austria.