workshop#1 / lecture

Mariana Celac is an architect, architectural critic and essayist. After higher mathematics at the Bucharest University she studied architecture at the Bucharest University of Architecture Ion Mincu. Professional carrier as architect and urban planner. Former dissident. Since 1990 lives and works as an independent architect, urban designer and writer. She is active in public life with the movement for the democratic reform of the civic society and of the architectural profession.

Professional writings (books, articles, research reports) published in Romania and abroad. Writes and produces documentary films on architecture. Curates exhibitions and conferences on architecture, ideology, art and how they relate to political realities. Together with two younger fellow architects Iosif Kiraly and Marius Marcu Lapadat established in 1999 a group that works on a series of ‘files’ (documentation, research and art installations) on how transition affects people and built environment.
After Tinseltown (describing gipsy architecture and its craftsmen) and the Triage (“socialist” collective dwellings) files and installations, files dedicated to Nouveau riche residential parks and traditional working class neighbourhoods will follow.
Now involved in a design project in social architecture for people living in extreme poverty.
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Mariana Celac
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