workshop#2 / lecture

Since 1993 Vienna based artist Helmut Weber is collaborating with artist Sabine Bitter.
Bitter/Weber have cooperated on projects addressing urban geographies, architectural representations and related visual politics. Their artistic works focus on emergent sites and overlaps of architecture, urban developments, communications systems and modes of artistic and cultural production as they are mediated through photography, video and new media technologies.
Projects like "Caracas, Hecho en Venezuela", "Live like this!" and "CITYtransformer 02", engage with specific moments and sites of globalization, as they are materialized in architecture. Dealing with architecture as a frame for spatial meaning, the works of Bitter/Weber are at the interface of architecture, new media technologies, and systems of representation.

Anette Baldauf
Sabine Bitter
Mariana Celac
Oana Ciobanu
Michael Hofstätter
Augustin Ioan
Aurora Kiraly
Josif Kiraly
Marius Marcu
Horia Marinescu
Ciprian Mihali
Andreea Mihalache
Romeo Simiras
Helmut Weber
Ana Maria Zahariade