From 25th to 29th of May 2005, architects, urbanists, sociologists, artists, students and cultural producers will investigate, negotiate and research that particular shift from modernism to postmodernism in historic/ contemporary Bucharest urban conditions through workshops, public screenings, lectures and symposion.

When an architectural style is mimiced on a large scale in Romania, is a particular European urbanism the result? Did Bofill’s influence create a “critical regionalism” obscured by block-ideology? How were these architectures perceived then in the eighties in Bucarest; what do they mean today to the people living there? What will be the impact on future urbanism in Bucharest?

Anette Baldauf
Sabine Bitter
Mariana Celac
Oana Ciobanu
Michael Hofstätter
Augustin Ioan
Aurora Kiraly
Josif Kiraly
Marius Marcu
Horia Marinescu
Ciprian Mihali
Andreea Mihalache
Romeo Simiras
Helmut Weber
Ana Maria Zahariade