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Born in Romania, the award-winning architectural theorist and philosopher Augustin Ioan has been teaching since 1990 as an assistant professor in the history and theory of architecture at the Institute "Ion Mincu" in the University for Architecture and City Planning in Bucharest.
He is vice-president of the Union of Architects in Romania. He earned a doctorate in two subjects, architecture and philosophy, from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio (USA); he is an expert in the theory and history of modern and contemporary architecture. One of his main research interests is the religious architecture in eastern and central Europe between 1949 and 1999.

Journalism (selected)
Associate editor, Octogon (since 2001); Editor of Arhitectura, architectural journal (l992-2001); member, editorial team of Secolul 20 (1998-1999), Bucharest; member, editorial team of Art Margins, e-journal, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA; http://www.artmargins.com; ARTMargins:cyber forum; Senior editorial consultant of Virtualia e-journal, Bucharest; http://virtualia.ong.ro

Private architectural practice (selected)
Co-founder of Habitat and Art in Romania Foundation HAR; http://har.ong.ro; Partner and senior designer in the architectural firm ANARH DESIGN Ltd, Bucharest (since 1994); Co-Founder and Executive director, Chora Dezvoltare Imobiliara SA, Bucharest (since 2003).
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